Legal domicile

Individuals who stay or are planning to stay in Iceland for six months or longer must have a legal domicile in Iceland. An individual´s legal domicile is the place where he/she has a fixed residence.

Legal domicile

Legal domicile - Multicultural and information Centre

  • To register a legal domicile in Iceland one must have residence permit (applies to citizens outside EEA) and a ID number (applies to all).
  • A fixed residence is the place where the individual is most of the time. It is the place where the individual has her/his belongings, spends her/his free time, and sleeps when she/he is not temporarily absent due to vacation, work trips, sickness, or other reasons.
  • A domicile must have a definite address in a street or in a house with a name.
  • A guesthouse, hospital, accommodation for fishery workers, construction camp or any other lodging of this sort cannot be counted as a domicile or fixed residence.
  • It is only possible to have a domicile in one place.
  • Married couples are to have the same domicile. If they live in two different places, the domicile shall be where the children live.
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