Safety supervision

Product safety and safety in services is of the utmost importance for consumers. Several agencies are involved with safety supervision.

Food safety

  • The Icelandic Food and Veterinary Authority regulates food safety and Matis ltd do research on food.
  • Local health committees, working under the supervision of the Icelandic Food and Veterinary Authority, are charged with the official responsibility of monitoring the production and distribution of food products, in so far as these duties to not fall to other authorities. 

Other products

  • Products for sale in the European Economic Area must meet the standards set out in legislation about product safety. Manufacturers, importers and other venders of a product are responsible for fulfilling all the conditions the product is subject to. If products do not fulfil the safety conditions, then they must be recalled and any further sale prohibited.
  • In Iceland the Consumer Agency handles matters of general product safety as well as market regulation. The Consumer Agency monitors the market for electrical equipment, toys, playground equipment, personal safety equipment, as well as general consumer goods for which no other party is responsible. The Consumer Agency also has the responsibility of overall organisation and co-ordination of official market monitoring.
  • The Consumer Agency is meant to ensure that products on the market meet their standards, and receives comments from consumers and other parties.

Environmental safety

  • The Environment Agency, in collaboration with the district offices of the Public Health Authority/public health inspectors, handles matters of human health in the environment, workplace facilities and building safety, as well as institutions and companies open to the public. The Environment Agency also regulates safety in playgrounds and at swimming pool facilities.
  • The Consumer Agency ensures that playground equipment that is sold or manufactured in Iceland meets safety standards. It also monitors safety issues in children's playgrounds and at swimming pool facilities.

Accident prevention

  • The Public Health Institute of Iceland serves at the specialist advisor to the government on issues of accident prevention. The Public Health Institute's activities in the area of accident prevention focus on education, counselling, research and general work with preventive projects. The objective is to minimise injury and death caused by accidents.

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