Disability assessment and diagnosis of disability

The Social Insurance Administration (TR) assesses the disability of those who apply for a disability pension in accordance with previously established rules. The Administration may require the applicant to undergo a specialised evaluation of the possibility of rehabilitation before the assessment is performed.


Disability diagnosis

  • The State Diagnostic and Counselling Centre is responsible for the examination and diagnosis of children with disabilities and other developmental deviations. Parents and relatives, moreover, may contact the centre for information and assistance, and the same applies to regional offices for the disabled.

  • The parents of children who are disabled or suffer from serious illness are entitled to care benefits. The payments may continue until the child is aged 16 or 18. Applications for payments are made by filling in a form supplied by the Social Insurance Administration. A medical certificate shall accompany the application, and if the child is disabled, a report from the regional office for the disabled shall be included.

Disability assessment

  • An individual aged 16 to 67 may request a disability rating, in consultation with their doctor, when it becomes clear that they will not fully recover from an accident or illness. The assessment is generally performed when the individual has received sickness benefits for one year.

  • A certificate from a doctor and the individual's application for a disability pension and related payments, along with further documentation, must be submitted to the Social Insurance Administration.

  • In some cases, the person applying for the disability rating is called in for an interview or a medical examination, which is performed by a doctor employed by the Social Insurance Administration. In such cases the person in question may be entitled to a refund for travel expenses.

  • Disability benefits are determined on the basis of a comparison of the results of the disability rating with a special standard.

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