The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization, UNESCO, suggests that culture can be defined as: ”...the set of distinctive spiritual, material, intellectual and emotional features of society or a social group...“

Theatres and theatre productions

  • Professional theatres, independent theatres and theatre troupes put on theatre productions every year for all ages.
  • There are also a number of amateur theatre groups and troupes, including theatre groups in the country's schools and colleges.
  • There are all kinds of discounts, offers and season tickets available for theatres and theatre groups. For more information on theatre productions, visit the websites of the various theatres, theatre groups and schools.

Cinema and photography

  • Photographers show their work in exhibition spaces, galleries and photography museums all around the country.
  • Contemporary and historic photography is on display year-round at the Reykjavík Museum of Photography and at the Photographic Collection of the National Museum of Iceland, as well as in many district museums and heritage museums outside Reykjavík.
  • The public can also view photographers' work and the collections of photographic museums on their websites.
  • The Icelandic Film Centre provides grants for feature films, shorts and documentaries, and assists producers with promoting their films at foreign film festivals.

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