University education

Universities are responsible for their own activities, in so far as they are not provided for in laws, regulations and other administrative instructions.

Structure of university education

  • University-level educational institutions consist of various study programmes and departments within those programmes, research institutes and centres, and various service institutes and offices.
  • The Minister of Education, Science and Culture is responsible for establishing rules on monitoring the quality of instruction and research. The university is responsible for internal assessments, while the Minister is responsible for external assessment.
  • Formal criteria for higher education and degrees are issued by the Minister of Education. The arrangement of instruction, research, studies and educational assessment is decided within the university.
  • Recognised degrees include Diploma degrees, Bachelors degrees, awarded on completion of basic studies, Masters degrees, on completion of one or more years of postgraduate studies, and doctoral degrees, on completion of extensive research-related post-graduate studies.
  • Student councils are active within the majority of universities and guard the interests of students both within the university and outside it. There are also students' associations within university departments.
  • The universities offer advisory services for students and prospective students. The services cover advice on programme choice, work methods and other issues relating to studies.

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