Student housing

Students attending the higher educational levels have various accommodation options available to them, depending on which municipality they are studying in or have legal residence in.

Students and housing

  • Students studying in secondary schools outside the greater Reykjavík area, away from home, can, in many places, live on campus or in student flats. Further information on applications, rules and anything else relating to campuses and student flats may be found on the websites of the secondary schools in question.
  • A few municipalities have student apartments for rent. All further information can be obtained on the website of the local authorities in question.
  • BN Student Housing (Byggingafélag námsmanna) rents apartments to the students of schools belonging to the Association of Icelandic Students (Bandalagi íslenskra námsmanna, BÍSN). All further information on applications, rules, and so on may be found on the website of BN Student Housing.
  • Students attending the University of Iceland can apply for housing from the Icelandic Student Services (Félagsstofnun stúdenta). The Service operates student apartments and is responsible for allocating flats.
  • There are student flats near most of the other universities in Iceland. Students are advised to contact their school for further information.
  • University students in the greater Reykjavík area may rent flats in the old Nato Defence Base at Keflavík Airport. The student flats are intended for individuals and families. Further information may be found on the website of Keilir, the Atlantic Centre of Excellence.
  • Students who do not have access to campuses or student flats must find accommodation on the general accommodation rental market. They are advised to find out about their rights on the websites of the municipalities in question.
  • Students planning to study abroad should familiarise themselves thoroughly with the nature of accommodation issues in the country in question. Many universities have campuses. There are also a large number of accommodation agencies.

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