Marriage and registered partnership

At 18 years of age people can marry. A special act of law has been passed, which stipulates the mutual duties.

Individuals have equal rights in all matters in their marriage, and they both have the same duties toward one another and toward their children. It is their duty to exhibit fidelity toward one another, to support each other and to look after the common interests of the home and the family.                                                                   From the Marriage Act


  • A marriage can be church marriage or civil marriage.
  • Marriages based on religious or non-religious foundations are equally valid before the law.
  • Ministers and the heads of registered religious associations are in charge of church marriages.
  • District magistrates perform civil marriages.
  • In order for a marriage to take place, marriage eligibility must be established and other conditions must also be met, such as:
  • age, kinship and proof that any previous marriages were dissolved,
  • documents and certificates that must be submitted to the relevant parties,
  • marriage witnesses and solemnisation witnesses.
  • If either or both of the marriage applicants are foreign nationals or reside abroad, documents must be procured from their respective home countries. It is best to set aside ample time for preparations and to study the rules applicable to marriage.

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