Infertility/artificial insemination

Those wishing to obtain treatment for infertility can make direct contact with the medical centre IVF-Klíníkin Reykjavík, which operates under licence from the Ministry of Health and carries out all services in this field in Iceland. You can also contact your doctor or a specialist.

Artificial insemination

  • The recommended treatment depends on the cause of infertility, but artificial insemination is one of the options.

  • There are several restrictions applying to women who wish to undergo artificial insemination. These relate to factors such as age, health and social circumstances. The marriage status of the woman is irrelevant.

  • The cost of artificial insemination is according to IVF-Klíníkin Reykjavík price list
  • Various kinds of financial support are offered, such as:

  • reimbursement for domestic travel,

  • trade union support for its members.

  • Those who donate gametes (sperm/egg cells) can request anonymity.

  • A child conceived through artificial insemination can request information concerning his or her origin upon reaching the age of 18, providing the donor did not request anonymity.

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