Per diem payments and pensions

In the event of a person becoming unable to work due to a serious illness or an accident, those who have legal residence in Iceland may be entitled to benefits from the Social Insurance Administration in accordance to the law.

 Sickness and accident per diem payments

  • Sickness per diem payments are paid to insured individuals aged 16 or older who become unable to work and do not earn a wage due to illness.
  • The Social Insurance Administration pays accident per diem payments in the event a person who is insured for accidents becomes unable to work due to an accident. If the injured person is earning a wage, the accident per diem payments are paid to the employer.

Medical assistance

  • If an accident that is eligible for compensation causes illness and inability to work, the Social Insurance Administration pays the cost of necessary treatment, either fully or partly.

Rehabilitation benefit

  • Rehabilitation benefit may be paid temporarily when the extent of a permanent disability subsequent to an accident or illness is unclear.

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