Apartment buildings

Various rights and obligations are involved in owning or living in a multi-owner building which are apartment buildings containing apartments that are owned by more than one party.

Multi-owner buildings

  • Rules on multi-owner building addresses, among other things:
  • definitions of private property and jointly held property,
  • conduct in close quarters,
  • residents' associations and their activities and
  • joint residents' association funds and division of costs.
  • A residents' association consists of all the owners in a multi-owner building, and need not be especially or formally established.
  • The owners of multi-owner buildings are under obligation to participate in the activities of residents' associations.
  • All decisions relating to the operation, maintenance and arrangement of jointly held areas shall be made at residents' association meetings.
  • Particular rules apply to calling meetings, voting and other issues relating to decision making.
  • A joint residents' association fund shall be established to pay for joint costs, if at least 25% of the owners request it. A joint residents' association fund must have its own account.
  • If there is any dispute between the owners of a multi-owner building as regards their rights and obligations, an opinion may be sought from Housing Affairs Complaint Committee. The procedure is free of charge for the parties.

Joint ownership agreements

  • The owners of apartment buildings are obliged to prepare a joint ownership agreement for the building. These form the basis for the rights and obligations of each owner.
  • The joint ownership agreement contains information on the division of a building into private property and jointly held property, the share of each and participation in costs.
  • Property in multi-owner buildings may not be sold until a joint ownership agreement has been prepared.
  • Anyone preparing a joint ownership agreement must have a permit from the Minister of Social Affairs.

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