Moving to Iceland

When a family or an individual moves to Iceland after having lived abroad, the new address must be registered with Registers Iceland.

Moving home

  • When Icelandic citizens move back home to Iceland after having lived abroad, they are by law under obligation to notify Registers Iceland of their new legal residence within seven days.
  • The submission of various certificates, forms and notifications to public institutions is necessary for rights and obligations to take effect. The institutions that must be contacted and notified include:
  • Social Insurance Administration, due to social security.
  • Healthcare Centres/Hospitals, for healthcare and GP.
  • Directorate of Labour or its service centre, for unemployment registration.
  • Applications need to be submitted for day-care or nursery-school placement for children under the age of 6, and children and adolescents who are of compulsory school-attendance age must be registered in primary schools. All further information and forms may be found on the websites of nursery schools, social and service centres, local authorities and primary schools.
  • The household goods of those moving back to Iceland are duty free, provided that certain conditions are met. This applies to furniture, household articles and other personal items. Import duties must be paid for vehicles. Household goods that are transported between countries should be insured with an insurance company as a matter of course.

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