Moving within Iceland

The fixed abode or domicile of a person is considered to be the place where he or she resides, stays during leisure hours, keeps household items, and sleeps.

Moving within Iceland

  • When an individual or family moves from one residence to another, between municipalities or areas, they shall, under law, send notification of their move to Registers Iceland, the office of the municipality in question, or a police station within seven days.
  • Various institutions, companies and associations update their files regularly with information from Registers Iceland, and it is therefore important that people send notification of their changed abode as soon as possible. It must be kept in mind that the frequency with which companies and associations update their version of Registers Iceland varies.

Check list when changing residence:

  • Send notification of the new domicile to Registers Iceland. A notification form may be accessed on the website of Registers Iceland. Such forms may also be obtained from the offices of Registers Iceland, the offices of local authorities, and in police stations.
  • If children and adolescents are transferring between nursery and/or primary schools, the old school must be notified of the move and an application sent to the new school.
  • Have energy meters, electricity meters, and hot/cold water meters read. You can register the readings and give notice of the change of user electronically on the websites of some energy companies. Otherwise, contact their offices and order a reading and give notice of the change in user.
  • Notify Icelandic postal service of the new address.
  • Find out what healthcare centre or facility operates in the area you are moving to. Notify them of your and your family's move into the area and apply for a GP.
  • Home telephone numbers can be transferred to any part of Iceland. Further information is available in the service centres and on the websites of telephone companies.
  • Check whether it is necessary to insure household goods that are transported between locations.
  • Send notification of the move to overseas companies, associations and others as appropriate.
  • Municipal websites contain administrative information and other general information about the municipality. The service offices of the Directorate of Labour provide information on available work, job training and unemployment registration.

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