Information about identification (ID) numbers

Everyone who resides in Iceland is registered at Registers Iceland and must have an identification (ID) number, which is a ten-digit number. The ID number serves as a gateway to Icelandic society.

Information about identification (ID) numbers

Information about identification Numbers – Multicultural and information centre

  • The first six digits in an ID number indicate the day, month and year of the individual´s birth. Registers Iceland keeps information concerning domiciles, names, births, christenings, changes of address, marriages, cohabitation, divorces, deaths, and so on.
  • Foreign citizens are required to obtain an ID number from Registers Iceland. ID numbers are necessary, to mention some examples, in order to open a bank account, register one´s domicile or obtain a home telephone.
  • It is possible to apply for ID numbers on forms found on the following website. The application form must be printed out, signed and sent in by mail, e-mail, fax or brought to the reception desk.
Forms, Registers Iceland website

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