About the National Portal login service

The National Portal login service at www.island.is is owned by the Icelandic state and operated by Registers Iceland.

At the www.island.is National Portal, you can choose three different means of logging in:

  • IceKey
  • Multi-factor IceKey (IceKey plus a code sent to your mobile phone)
  • A digital certificate on your smart card or in your mobile telephone

A rapidly growing number of Icelandic companies, organisations, municipalities and other public and private bodies use the www.island.is National Portal. Their websites are logged into daily by thousands of people who make use of IceKey in order to obtain individualised services.

Would you like to allow the use of IceKeys on your website?

  • Fill out an e-application and we will sign you/your company up. E-application (in Icelandic)
  • Note that you will need to see to arranging the connection at your end. Generally your technician will be able to do that in 1 to 3 days. 
  • No fees are charged for using the National Portal login service.