Authorising representatives

What are authorised representatives for?

  • In the traditional world of paper documents, there have long been authorised representatives. Sometimes they were needed if the person giving an authorisation was absent, short of time, disabled, ill, etc. All of these reasons continue to exist as we adapt to the digital world instead of paper. In today's society, we must ensure that we never turn over our digital identification to anyone else, so we need to be able to authorise representatives for ourselves and our organisations.

The most important aspect

  • The person authorised to represent you or your company, whether by means of an IceKey or a digital certificate, will be logging in by means of her/his own IceKey or digital certificate, and will never have any need for your own IceKey or digital certificate.

Who might wish to authorise someone else to represent them?

  • A private person might authorise representatives or even companies to represent her/him in particular matters.
  • Companies, on the other hand, might authorise an employee to represent them in particular matters, even those relating to some other company or type of organisation.

Examples of authorised representatives

  • Jón might ask Guðrún to handle his affairs on the service website of Jón's municipality.
  • The national fish catches administration has a website which uses company identification numbers for each company to submit its landing reports. Guðrún also happens to work for the fishing company Nes as a certified weigher, so Nes's general manager, Sigurður, authorises her as his representative for entering catch weights on the administration website.