Technical information

Efficiency and facilitation

  • The Icelandic National Portal, at, is convenient and reliable for logging into the personalised pages of companies, organisations, municipalities and other public and private bodies, i.e. to what is often called "My pages". These bodies can thereby reduce their work and costs, compared to organising their own secure systems of digital certificates, user lists and passwords.

Installing access through the National Portal

  • An agreement is then signed between the service provider and Registers Iceland, which signs on behalf of the National Portal, Í
  • Finally, the service provider provides the National Portal with the logo and URL of the page which will open after online authentication by Í

The login process

  • The process of logging in may begin either on the website of the service provider or on that of the National Portal, at Í
  • The person or entity logging in first clicks on an authentication button which links to the National Portal authentication page. This page will display the logos of both the National Portal and the respective service provider, and it is here that the person or entity actually logs in, whether by means of IceKey or a digital certificate.
  • When the login is successful, the person or entity is automatically transferred to their personal pages on the service provider's website.

The authentication process - technical details

  • If you would like to obtain an English version of the instructions about this process, please send an e-mail to