Applications for assisted living facilities

Before applying for placement at an assisted living facility, the applicant must undergo a needs assessment for placement. The applicant's medical and social condition is examined, and an assessment made of his or her need.

Needs assessment for assisted living

  • Applications for placement are not made directly to assisted living facilities. Instead, an assessment must be completed to determine the need for placement.
  • Application for assessing the need for assisted living can be applied for on a special form which the Directorate of Health issues.
  • The application is submitted to the needs and health assessment committee in the district that the applicant has legal residence. The committee has four weeks to assess the application.
  • The application is then reviewed to decide whether the applicant can continue in his or her own housing with increased support. If this is the case, then the process comes to an end.
  • If the applicant is deemed not to be in need of assisted living, the decision must be qualified. If the applicant is not satisfied with the outcome of the assessment, they can refer it to the Ministry of Health.
  • If the applicant is assessed as having demonstrated a need for assisted living, this conclusion is sent to the applicant and a copy to the general practitioner, home nursing and social services.
  • The applicant's needs assessment for assisted living is valid for twelve months. If he or she has not been assigned a placement by the end of this period, a new assessment must be performed.

Needs assessment application for assisted living

  • The management and needs assessment committee makes a decision on the placement in assisted living consistent with the results of the needs and health assessment committees.
  • Applications may be made for more than one assisted living centre anywhere in the country, and these are prioritised with reference to the applicant's requests.
  • When a place becomes available, the needs and health assessment committee provides the facility's administration with the names of two individuals, one of whom is offered the place

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