Serviced flats

Serviced flats are intended in particular for elderly people who are able to live by themselves. According to the law, there must be a security alarm system in the flats and there must be a variety of services to choose from in order to alleviate the daily life of residents.

Serviced flats

  • Information on the supply of serviced flats, costs, how to apply for a flat, and the proper forms can be obtained from the social services of the relevant local community.
  • Serviced flats must under law meet certain requirements regarding facilities and services. They should have a security system, access to social activities, and the possibility to get meals, washing and cleaning.
  • The residents of serviced flats pay for the services they choose in accordance with a price list.
  • The residents in the serviced flats have the same rights as others to receive home nursing and social service.

Other types of accommodation for the elderly

  • Other flats for elderly people are widely available on the free market. These are frequently built close to geriatric institutions or service centres for elderly citizens in the relevant community.
  • The facilities in these flats and the services on offer for residents may vary. It is therefore advisable for prospective buyers and for the residents to get well acquainted with the facilities.
  • The serviced flats and other flats for the elderly are either privately owned, rented or residential rights flats.

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