Residential care homes

Elderly people who do not feel comfortable staying at home any longer, even though they have access to domestic services, have the option of applying to stay in a geriatric institution, where they will receive the appropriate service and care.

Residential and nursing facilities

  • Residential care homes or residential facilities are intended for those who are in relatively good health but are unable to take care of the domestic household, in spite of home care service.
  • Nursing homes and nursing facilities are intended for long-term patients and those who are too weak to stay in residential care homes and who are in constant need of care.

Accommodation expenses

  • The Social Security Administration (TR) will partake in the accommodation expenses of geriatric institutions, but this is dependent on the income of the patient.
  • Those who have little or no income on top of their pension payments from TR may be entitled to what is called a daily allowance from the institution.
  • Accommodation expenses at the geriatric institution include, for instance, medication, rehabilitation and all medical services.

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