Allowances, benefits and terms

Pensioners and elderly citizens are entitled to certain payments from the Social Insurance Administration to improve their financial situation and status. Social Insurance Administration benefits must be applied for, and will not be paid out automatically.

Grants and benefits

  • Benefits for spouses and carers are paid to spouses or people running a household with a pensioner, if they lose earnings because of the care work.
  • A pensioner may apply for compensation to purchase and operate a car, if this is a necessity because of physical disability. Those who receive compensation for the operation of a car will automatically receive road-tax cancellation.
  • Daily personal allowance is paid when pension payments from the Social Insurance Administration (TR) are cancelled because of stay in medical care establishments or in day-care institutions.
  • Upon death, the surviving spouse, if he or she is under the age of 67 years, may be entitled to death benefits from the Social Insurance Administration (TR).

Subsidised health services

  • Those who have paid an annual maximum amount for medical and health services are entitled to a prescription-drug discount card, which provides discounts for medical services. Prescription-drug discount cards are distributed in exchange for receipts.
  • Pensioners get between 50% and 100% of dentistry costs reimbursed. Dentists' clients are frequently offered to pay only their share of the costs, and therefore do not need to obtain reimbursement from the Social Insurance Administration (TR).
  • Reimbursement for travel expenses may be applied for if the treatment of a disease requires prolonged or repeated trips to a doctor or a medical care establishment. the Social Insurance Administration (TR) will also, in certain cases, partake in the costs and expenses of a companion.
  • Pensioners may be entitled to a grant to buy spectacles and hearing aids, if they meet the relevant requirements. Furthermore, the Social Insurance Administration (TR) will subsidise the purchase of physical aid devices, but application must be made for such aids to the Social Insurance Administration (TR) before they are bought.

Goods and services

  • Pensioners and other elderly citizens are offered discounts on goods and services in many places.
  • Many telephone and media companies offer subscription discounts.
  • Members of senior citizens' associations are offered special deals if they show their membership cards.
  • Trade union members receiving pensions enjoy various entitlements, such as grants from funds for continued learning and holiday-allowance funds.
  • Some local communities give discounts to pensioners on property taxes

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