Day care for the elderly

Elderly people who need regular care in order to be able to stay as long as possible in their own home can apply for day care for the elderly. There an elderly person will receive appropriate service and treatment. Day care is also called day-long stay.

Day care / Day-long stay

  • Day care must be applied for on forms that are available from the social services of the local communities. The application process depends on the local community, but information may be obtained from social services, from the relevant day-care service, or from those who operate the service and nursing for the elderly in the local community.
  • A stay in day care can last for one or more days of the week, according to need.
  • In day-care services the health of the elderly must be assessed, a nursing service must be supplied, and social advice and assistance with the daily routine provided, all according to individual need.
  • The service provided by day care may be:
  • Food.
  • Exercise and training.
  • Recreational activity.
  • Resting facilities.
  • Bathing.
  • Driving from home and back again.
  • In many places the day-care services are operated in the same place and in collaboration with the service centres of the local communities, and it is possible to gain access to the activities that are provided there.
  • There is a fee for each day of stay, and driving is included in the day-care fee.

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