Home Care Service

Attempts are being made to allow the elderly to live as normal a domestic life as possible for as long as possible by offering them all kinds of support and services. On the one hand, this is a social domestic service and, on the other hand, it is home nursing.

Social Domestic Service

  • The goal of the social domestic service is to assist those who are not able to take care of the daily housework without aid. The service can be temporary or for longer periods, depending on the circumstances.
  • Individuals wishing to get social domestic services should turn to the social services of their local community. Application forms can be found on the websites of many local communities.
  • Exactly what kind of social domestic service is offered depends on the local community, but it may be:
  • domestic service,
  • social work,
  • meals delivered to the home,
  • visits and companionship, such as walks, reading the newspapers and other things,
  • bedside attendance during illness
  • gardening and clearing snow,
  • personal hygiene that is not within the scope of home nursing, and
  • driving.
  • Fees for home services depend on the price list of each local community.
  • Those who do not have any income other than old-age pension payments from national insurance get home service free of charge.

Home nursing

  • Home nursing is provided to those who need nursing in order to be able to stay at home, either because of disease or in the wake of illness and accidents.
  • Home nursing is either in the charge of health centres or of local communities. Relatives, nurses and doctors may request home nursing for their clients.
  • Home nursing includes:
  • general treatment and checks on mental and physical health,
  • administration of drugs and changing dressings on wounds,
  • bathing assistance.
  • Home nursing is generally provided on working days, and some health centres also offer nursing in the evening and during weekends when necessary.
  • If there is a need for treatment during the night where no night service is available, you should contact the closest health centre or other out-of-hours doctors' service.
  • Home nursing is free of charge.

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