Social activities

Elderly citizens can attend the social activities and recreational activities in the service centres or in the community centres for the elderly that operate in most local communities in Iceland.

Service centres

  • The role of service centres is to reduce the risk of social isolation by ensuring that elderly people enjoy other people's company and recreational activities.
  • The service centres are open to all, and elderly citizens are welcome to whatever is most suitable for them.
  • There is a fee for the services provided, but the activities of the community centres are subsidised and the fee is reasonable.
  • The activities in the community centres are very diverse and efforts are made to find something suitable for all. For instance, the following are offered:
  • creative activities and embroidery,
  • theatre visits and travels,
  • card games and choir work,
  • courses and entertainment,
  • physical training,
  • assistance with banking and shopping trips.
  • Meals are sold in some community centres and in many places you can get a ride there and back.

Social activities

  • Associations for elderly citizens around Iceland work towards the general interests of the elderly, and they organise social activities, recreational activities, learning courses and cultural events. The associations are open to all who are 60 years and older and to their spouses too, even if they are younger.
  • The National Association of Senior Citizens is an umbrella organisation that consists of all elderly citizens' associations in Iceland. Their role is to fight for better conditions and the rights of senior citizens and to promote pensioners' organisations.
  • Retired trade-union members receiving their pensions have certain rights, such as the right to have time allotted for stays in holiday houses, in addition to access to their union's social activities.
  • Information on senior citizens' associations can often be found on the websites of local communities.

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