Applications for nursing homes

Before care at a nursing home is requested, a needs and health assessment of the applicant must take place. Placements at nursing homes are not assigned until all other measures have been exhausted.

Needs assessment

  • If the patient or his or her relatives believe the time has come to apply for a place in a nursing home, it is necessary to first apply for needs and health assessment.
  • There are seven needs and health assessment committees working in each of the country's seven healthcare districts.
  • The application form for needs and health assessment should be sent to the needs assessment committee in the district that the applicant has legal residence in.
  • The Directorate of Health issues a special application form for needs and health assessment and state health clinic staff can provide the form upon request.
  • When the application is received by the needs and health assessment committee, various information is collected that is required in order to determine the applicant's need for care at a nursing home.
  • Applications are processed within 4 weeks. The conclusions are forwarded to the applicant and a copy is sent to the family doctor, home nursing and social services.
    • If the application is denied, the applicant is made aware of other resources.
    • If the application is approved, the next step is to apply for a slot at a nursing home.
  • The needs and health assessment is valid for 12 months. If the applicant has not been allotted a place once this period has ended, then they are made aware that a new assessment is required. 
  • If an applicant is dissatisfied with the way the needs assessment was carried out, he or she may bring the matter to the Ministry of Social Affairs.
  • Patients and their relatives can receive guidance on the needs and health assessment and the various resources that are available to them from the state health-clinics and the district social services.

Applications for nursing home placement

  • When an applicant is notified that his or her needs assessment has been approved, the letter includes an application form for a nursing home placement. The application form should be completed and returned to the needs and health assessment committee.
  • Applications for placements can be made anywhere in the country.
  • When a slot becomes available at the nursing home that the patient has selected for placement, the administration is free to select from among the two applicants who demonstrate the greatest need.

Selection for nursing home placement

  • The nursing home provides their own information on their operations and facilities. Many of the nursing homes have a website or have published pamphlets describing their facilities.
  • Health care professionals can provide advice on the homes available and the ideal homes in the case of each individual.

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