Passports are the safest travel documents and must be taken abroad even if rules do not require this in all cases.

Passport application

  • Applications for passports may be submitted to any District Magistrate Office in Iceland and to the District Magistrate Greater Reykjavik Area in Kópavogur, irrespective of where the applicant lives or where his legal residence is.
  • Applications must be made in person and personal identification must be shown. Photographs for the passport are taken at the location where the passport is issued. You may bring your own photo if it meets established conditions.
  • Children under the age of 18 are issues special passports. Both parents need to apply or approve a passport application unless only one of the parents has custody of the child, in which case documentation proving this shall be submitted.
  • Icelanders who are abroad and need a passport must seek the assistance of Icelandic embassies or consulates.


  • In many cases special permission or a visa in the passport is needed to travel to other countries. The issue of visas is in the hands of the embassies and consulates of the countries to which the intention is to travel.

Travel documentation

  • Passports are not needed when travelling within the Nordic countries. However, they are the only personal identification documents that are regarded as fully valid overseas and should therefore always be included when travelling.

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